As continuing evidence that I am not the coolest person, I have to admit that I love watching the Olympics.  It is actually kind of strange because I do not like watching any of the sports that are showing regularly on t.v. I know many people watch in order to support the athletes from their home countries, but I’m not even particularly interested in that either, (being Canadian it is unsightly to look too patriotic, it may hurt someone’s feelings, lol).  In part, it may be because as a child the Olympics were held in my hometown of Montreal, but that is not the main reason.

I love when they share the histories of the athletes.  You can’t beat a good tale of winning against adversity for moving the spirit.  I love to hear the personal stories of the athletes. It is heartening to see someone who has devoted so much of their time, energy, and talent, to achieving one goal. I see them more as individuals, rather than as representatives of their countries.  I enjoy the track sports more than any of the others. Probably because I have been a runner, my daughter is now a 100m and 200m sprinter, and to be honest, Canada had the fastest men in the world during the 90’s…so I guess it does make a little bit of a difference if they are Canadian. 🙂

God Bless, Julia




8 thoughts on “Olympics

  1. I’m looking forward to the Olympics too. I like watching folks on the track but the gymnastics even more so. It amazes me what these people can do.

  2. I am not into sports at all but I have loved the tennis at Wimbledon so much…may give the Olympics a try too, suppose I ought to as we are the host country! : )

    • It is so much better when you are the host country…when the winter Olympics were in Vancouver two years ago, everyone for once was proud to be Canadian, then we went back to out usual quietness lol 🙂

  3. Oh I love the Olympics too. I’ll be watching it for sure. My daughter is doing gymnastics so I look forward to introducing her to that. And swimming is pretty much a national sport here!

  4. I enjoy watching the olympics. I’m amazed at the abilities and the accomplishments they achieve. Just awesome.

  5. three sports i watch: tennis, th superbowl & the olympics winter & summer. there is something very special about seeing such dynamic performances by the best athletes in te worlc competing. i’m not a nationalist so i route for the US but i also route for who i think does the best in their field. i love swimming, diving, running, track & field, the high jumpers & pole vaulting, the rowing, kayaking. there are so many. i can’t forget the cross country. so when the two years roll around (which i loved when they slpit it up so they would be every two years) i set my dvr so i don’t miss anything if possible. so many stations they will be using. i don’t think there is anything wrong with watching the olympics. it’s really fun, i, also, love the opening and closing ceremonies. never miss them either.

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