Mothers And Daughters

Claire is not with me this week, she has been with her father since July 1st, and she will not be back until July 15th.  I know I am lucky to have such a wonderful daughter and that we have a close relationship…I hope it stays that way.  My relationship with my mother was strained…she had me when she was forty and while her own mother was dying of breast cancer.  She was an alcoholic and prescription drug abuser for most of my life…she let me know each day that I was a disappointment and burden to her, and I let her know that she was a disappointment to me as well.

As she laid dying in a hospital bed many years ago, I stayed with her, holding her hand until the very end…no one should die alone…I sang this song to her, told her I forgave her, and let her go…

God Bless,  Julia


One thought on “Mothers And Daughters

  1. I had a similar experience with my father and felt such a burden lift when I forgave him many years ago (not that I don’t still carry some scars around). Like I’ve said before, you are an inspiration Julia!

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