Online Book Club Update

Well it would seem that there are some people who would be interested in participating in a book club. Great!!…we just have to find a book to read, lol. So here’s the thing…I need suggestions.  Then I will pick some and we can read them one at a time.  I was thinking that we could concentrate on books that we feel are inspirational, and that others could benefit from.  That leaves it wide open to books about anything really…as long as it inspired you to grow.  I will make a new page on my blog so that we can all leave our incredibly insightful thoughts about the book we are reading.

I am so looking forward to this…I love to learn new things, and to share it with others, and have them share their ideas with me…must be the teacher in me, or the perpetual student.  So leave your suggestions in the comments of this post and we will go from there.

God Bless, Julia


4 thoughts on “Online Book Club Update

  1. I’m thinking on it. There are more than a few….okay a lot more than a few…good ones. Hard to decide about those wise from the past or those wise in the now. More thinking needed!

    • Take your time…I’ve read books that I found life changing that were hundreds of years old…and some, only a few years old, so I understand. 🙂

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