Wake Up Stupid

Yesterday I got a wake up call from…whoever gives wake up calls…my choice? God. I posted on my blog, and was entertaining myself by reading other’s blogs, when I got an excruciating pain in my chest.  It scared me, but I decided I was over reacting, and I should just wait for it to go away.  Fifteen minutes late,r it had not gone away, and it was now accompanied by shortness of breath. It crossed my mind that I was at home alone with no vehicle, overweight, and have an underlying rare medical condition that can have an effect upon my heart.  What to do…hmmmm

I thought about calling my wife…but I knew that she would become very upset, drive home from work at twice the speed limit, risking her life and that of everyone else on the road. Next choice…the besty…called him, got voicemail, it was full, couldn’t leave a message.  So back to the wife…at this point I should have called for an ambulance, but I was suffering from the three S’s; sick, stupid, and stubborn. So I called the wife…she had two things to say, “call an ambulance, and I will be right there”, I probably should have done it 30 minutes before.

Nine hours later…still laying in Emergency…the doctor comes to see me.  He’s pretty sure that it was not my heart, more than likely it is my lungs, given that I have Sarcoidosis. He does not really know though, because there is no doctor in Canada that knows much about this disease. Not surprising, since it is a disease usually found in the African-American population of the southern United States.  I know of only one other woman in my province that has been diagnosed with this disease.  She had to go to the Mayo clinic a few months ago to get help. There was no help in Canada, and all they could tell her here, was that she had two years to live…maybe.

What does this all mean?…I’m in charge of my health.  There are no experts…so I guess I have to become one. There is no cure, and no effective treatment…so, I have to be as healthy as I can be given that I have this disease.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, no one does…so, enjoy every moment and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Thanks for letting me go on and on about this…I think I needed to write it down to make it concrete and real for me.  My mission for today?…come up with a plan.

God Bless, Julia


9 thoughts on “Wake Up Stupid

  1. i had to look up that one as i began to get worried. i only started to relax when the internet told me that most of the time, it’s not life threatening – and that was almost at the bottom of the page! i don’t know though. sounds pretty scary to me. i hope you are feeling better.

  2. Don’t you dare go to a bad place with this. Or please try really hard not to. I just recently found you and your wit and your wisdom. And I want more. May I humbly suggest that you use your inner healing power. I don’t know exactly how to activate it, but I know it works when we do. Happened to me a few times. I’m thinking positive thoughts on your behalf, with affection.

    • Thanks for the kick in the pants…I’m not about to go anywhere, that’s why I’m taking charge of things. I’ve come this fa,r and some silly disease is just going to have to take a back seat…I have stuff to do. 🙂

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