Roughing It

I do not have a lot of happy childhood memories…that is why I tried, and continue to try to make moments in my children’s lives that they can look back and know, they had fun as a child.   When Scott was little, I made sure that holidays had family traditions associated with them, especially Christmas.  We did a lot of camping in the summer time, and we were always trying new things, or going on adventures…I was younger then :).  With Claire I am a little bit older…more than a decade…so the adventures have changed a little.  I’m not so fond of sleeping on the ground for weeks at a time any more.

For the next two weeks Bernice is on vacation, and Claire will be home :).  It’s that time of year again when we take to the Canadian woods to fight off the black bears and mosquitoes…I’m more afraid of the mosquitoes. A decade ago we would have been sleeping in a tent, cooking over an open fire, swimming in the glacial lakes… yeah, not happening! First Bernice is afraid of anything that could be even loosely defined as an insect. Problem number two?…I am so over sleeping on a ground covered in who knows what, that always seems to be on a slope so that you’re afraid of rolling away, and that has rocks that can not be found with the naked eye, but are poking you in the back all night. Problem number three?…glacial lakes are barely above freezing, that is why you can see the glacier from which it emerged…need I say more.

This year we are going to a nice cabin in the woods that has electricity, and beds. We are still roughing it…there is no running water or    bathroom in the cabin. That’s about how close to,”roughing it,” I want to get these days. I could do the tent, sleeping bag, make your own latrine thing, if I had to…I just don’t want to…and I think Claire doesn’t want me to either. I’m a much nicer mommy with eight hours sleep.

God Bless, Julia


7 thoughts on “Roughing It

  1. I don’t have many good childhood memories either so I am making some right now. Never too old to do that, right?! Have a great time camping. I’m with you; tent camping has lost its appeal for me.

  2. Just think of it as creating YOUR childhood as you and your children explore the world. Family time together, even with an out house, are gifts you give to each other plus you finally get to do the things other kids did with their families when you were a child.

    These memories and events mean more in the long run because you have taken a stand to give your children the live you missed out on. Bonus is you give yourself the live you need as well.

    Enjoy your “camping” trip.


    • lol…I will enjoy the trip, thanks for the comment…don’t you just love technology? 🙂

  3. we were tent campers for years and still are if we go camping out of state in the mountains. If we camp locally, my parents have an RV that my dad will haul out for us. It is just so nice to have a bed and not have to pack all the essentials!

  4. It is so wonderful that you are making special memories for your children! My parents created some of the best memories for us, and those are the moments I will always remember and cherish….have fun camping!!

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