Insanity…I Mean Art…Runs In My Family

I was listening to a TED talk with the author of the book, “Eat, Pray, Love.”  I have not heard many contemporary artists speak about creativity and inspiration in a similar way to how I view it.  She sees her inspiration as something that comes through her, a collaboration between some unseen force and herself. I of course believed that that force is God. Many people and cultures of the past have seen it as a divine partnership with the unknown, if you will.

I know that my work is inspired by the divine because I can feel it. I’m pretty sure I’m not crazy…I’ve been tested :)…but it is a difficult thing to explain in words.  This might be the reason why artists are sometimes perceived as being weird, or insane.  It’s difficult to imagine how I would feel about this partnership, if I had not had an understanding, and relationship, with God since childhood.  Would I have succumbed to drugs or alcohol as many artists do?…who knows. I’ve just always understood, and accepted, that my inner drive to create was an expression of my relationship with the Great Creator.

God Bless, Julia


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