Just The Way You Are

Tuesday is my third wedding anniversary.  I love my wife more today then I did the day we married.  Some may say that it is not real, natural, or that it is just wrong…but I know that there is nothing more real, natural, and right, than my love for my wife. This song tells you, Bernice, and the world how much I love you. 🙂

I know that there are those out there who are sitting on the fence…who do not know whether to be pro, or anti gay rights.  It’s simple really, it’s not about lgbtq rights…it’s about human rights. Discrimination is simply wrong.

God Bless my Marriage, Julia


7 thoughts on “Just The Way You Are

  1. Happy happy anniversary! It’s great to hear you are more in love than ever. I don’t care if someone loves the same or opposite sex or who anyone marries, the point is to lead a happy life. Oh why can’t we all get along?!! I’m happily married for 7 years now and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Go love!

  2. Don’t let anyone tell you different, there are people out there like you. One in a million but there are and good for you. She is lucky I wish I could find someone like that

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