Top Five Inspirations

Since I’m a list maker, I thought I would make a list of the things that inspire me most throughout my day, shaping my mood and my work.

  1. Nature.  This has always had a great influence over my mood and work, I would be happy to live like Thoreau.  The first film I ever made in grade 7, was about birds.  It always seems to come back to the birds.  Probably some deep psychological meaning to that 🙂
  2. God/Religion. God and religion are two separate, but related, issues…first comes my relationship with God, then religion. I’m a cradle Anglican…born, baptised, confirmed, never wavered, Anglican.
  3. Love.  The love of friends most of all.  I’ve had to go out and find the people I love, wrestle them to the ground, and hold them there until they loved me back. I know…lol, psychological again!
  4. Social Justice.  I can remember always being on the side of the underdog even as a small child.  If I felt that someone was being mistreated, or that there was some kind of injustice going on, I would be compelled to speak out.  I just could not keep my mouth shut…got me into some trouble with adults that thought a child should not be speaking to them in that way…but so what, it was, and is, wrong. My favorite Beatles song is, “Blackbird,”…hmm, social justice and birds.
  5. Color.  I have a mental and physical reaction to color. I’m aware that it influences my mood.  My bedroom is painted orange with brown swirls…hmmm, maybe I should bring this up with my therapist…wait, I don’t need therapy anymore because I blog. lol.

God Bless, Julia


2 thoughts on “Top Five Inspirations

  1. It’s always interesting to me to hear what inspires others…the colors in your work is very striking–love it! Thanks for coming by and liking my post…

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