Inspiration 2, Another Top Five

How can you feel motivated to make Christmas things when it is 30C outside, you’re sitting in front of a fan and contemplating moving into your refrigerator? Damned if I know…well maybe a few suggestions…

  • Move into the freezer…just set up a little craft table and move in. Don’t forget the mittens and a touque…Canadian word for wool hat. Yes, Canadians have a special word for wool hat. It is sort of like the Inuit have a billion words for the different kinds of snow.
  • Put on some Christmas music.  Turn it up really load and scare the neighbours.
  • Visit some Christmas sites on the web. O.K. this one is real. some times visiting other people’s sites can spark an idea for me.
  • Check out Etsy…I find looking at other people’s professional craft work can be very inspirational.
  • Look at last year`s work…this can sometimes remind me of things that were successful and things that were not…or ideas for things that I wanted to try, and was sure that I would remember without writing it down…I can hear you laughing.:)

I hope these help, or at least made you giggle,

God Bless, Julia


One thought on “Inspiration 2, Another Top Five

  1. I know exactly what you mean about trying to make Christmas in the summer. Even with a portable A/C in my workshop it is too hot on these 100 degree days we have been having in VA. Will def. try your suggestion. Now if only I had a freezer!
    And thank you for “Liking” my post today on my Glittermoon Vintage Christmas blog!

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