All Smashed Up

I bought a Smash book for Claire and Her besty, Ann, while on vacation…my wife got a whiff, and now we all have journal/scrapbooks on the go.  I’ve been keeping some kind of journal, or sketch book, since my teen years. Sometimes it is all writing, sometimes all art, but  for the most part it is a combination of the two.  I write down my creative ideas…ideas for art work…but I have also kept a stream of consciousness sort of journal.  I am such a visual person, that the journal that includes drawings or scribbles is the one I find most useful. There are times in my life when the ideas just seem to flow one after the other.

If I don’t write these ideas down, I am sure to forget them.  The ones that come in the middle of the night just drive me mad.  I either don’t write them down, thinking that it is such an incredible idea how could I possibly forget…or I scribble down some incomprehensible description that no one could decipher. Maybe I should get the iPhone app that records what you say in your sleep…then again it might be better if no one knows that. 🙂

I like the Smash Books, it gives you permission to be messy and stuff whatever you want in it.  Sometimes staring at a blank white page can be intimidating.  You freeze and start worrying about putting down the,”wrong,” thing. There is no wrong thing of course, but staring at that stark white page can be intimidating.  Just close your eyes and draw a line, then it does not matter as much what happens after that, the page is not white anymore.

God Bless, Julia


3 thoughts on “All Smashed Up

  1. I’ve never heard of Smash Books but I too write things down in a journal. I’m finding as I get older that thoughts seem to leave my head if not transcribed to paper! You can tell I am no artist, such as yourself though, as there are no drawings in mine (sigh).

  2. I think I need a Smash Book! Especially if it is okay to be messy in it!! I fight messiness constantly but no matter how hard I try I cannot be creative and tidy : )

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