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Report From The Garden

Garden update…reporting from the jungle known as Julia’s back yard. This is a dangerous mission, the zucchini has reached a monstrous size, and the beans are strangling everything that is in their path. The sunflowers have grown above the reaches of the fence and are eyeing the neighbour’s pets. Tomorrow is September 1st, and fall is set to descend upon us with a thud…time to harvest, and clean up the garden. I’ve learned a few things from the garden this year.

1. If zucchini is left to grow unattended, it will consume every other plant…and small animals…in it’s way.

2. It is possible to grow beans here in the great white north…apparently global warming has an up side.

3. If you write the names of new herb plants on white plastic label stakes with a sharpie they will disappear, and the neighbours will be wondering what you are doing sitting in the middle of your garden, crying  and sniffing all your plants.

4. Wow…does lemon balm spread.  At least it has a distinct smell. (see lesson 3)

5. Have recipes on hand for green tomatoes…there will be more green than red…at least here anyway.

6. Plant extra because you will be feeding various other organisms throughout the summer.

7. Rhubarb can not be killed.

8. Sunflowers are fascinating.

God Bless, Julia

Inspirational Video 5

Around here, summer feels like it comes to an end on Labour Day weekend, (this weekend).  I realise that most people still have lots of summer left..there is definitely a chill in the air in the morning here. This Thursday inspirational video just feels like summer…it is just a fun song…great for the end of summer. Enjoy a quirky little music video.

God Bless, Julia

Angels Among Us

I believe in angels…not the kind that have wings, and maybe even blow a horn…but the kind that you meet each day that help you to make life a little bit easier.  Regular people like you and me doing angelic acts. The angels that do huge things for us are fairly easy to spot, our lives are usually profoundly changed by them, they become heroes in our lives. I do believe that there are people who are called to do simple things for each other as well, and those acts are angelic in nature.  I think God uses each of us as angels every day to help each other to make our lives easier.

Angelic deeds do not have to be accompanied by bright lights and classical music. When someone holds the door open for you when your hands are full…someone stops to smile at your crying baby, so that the child calms down…or someone gives you the parking space; all these acts of kindness make everyday life a little easier.  Sure it is like, paying it forward, but I think that we do it more often than we realise, at least I hope so.  When we go out of our way to do something nice for another person…like pay for their coffee while they are in the line up at the Timmy’s drivethru…we pat ourselves on the back and say, what a good person I am. However,even the small things that we do not give a second thought to, can have a profound effect on someone else’s life.  Everyone you meet today is going through a great person struggle, be kind to them you never know how big an impact you will have on their lives.

God Bless, Julia

Complaints Department

Yikes, what a day…and it’s only half over. You know, the kind of day when you simply fly from one thing to the next, it doesn’t feel like you can enjoy any of it because while your body is in one place, your mind is really thinking about what it has to do next. I’m not fond of these kinds of days. I usually write my blog post first thing after everyone has left in the morning, let’s see…that makes me only seven hours late, I’m thinking I may not get everything done today. Seriously though, what do I really have to complain about.

I have work that I love, a family that is mostly sane, great friends, a home, food on the table, ungrateful children…Oh yes, the ungrateful children, I can always complain about them…they give me so much to *itch about.  Actually that’s not completely true, only the boys give me grief.  I remember when I was little my mother telling me that when I grew up and got married…she thought I was going to be heterosexual, not…that I would have to remind my husband to call his mom all the time.  She said that, once men get married, they forget all about their mothers, but that girls never forget about the moms…at the time I thought she was crazy. Now that I have to send out private investigators in order to find my sons, I understand what she meant.

God Bless, Julia

Inspirations 5

I’m sorry I was not able to post this yesterday as I meant to do, however I was in the hospital ER for 8 hours yesterday with Bernice and Claire.  They pumped Bernice full of steroids and various other drugs and she is much better today.  Thank you for all your well wishes…I passed them on to Bernice and she appreciates them all. 🙂

Inspirations over the last week

1. I caught a glimpse of a craft magazine at the library that was all about getting ready for Halloween and Christmas…ugh. Well, it is sad on one hand, but it did inspire me to start on some Halloween things, and it was actually fun .:)

2. I’m sure many of you have already seen the video at the start of this blog, but I love to watch it while drinking my green juice, to remind myself that things can get better.

3. My wife inspires me every day with her fight to make a wonderful life, no matter what illness or pain issue she is dealing with.

4. Pay It Forward Giveaway.  It was nice to see that other bloggers wanted to take part in this, and give away some of their work…it made me smile.

5. The mornings are getting cool…most people would think this is a bad thing but I hate the heat…cool mornings inspire me to get up and work.

God Bless, Julia


Pain is such a difficult thing for the medical community to deal with. When I worked with disabled children and adults,pain management was always an issue.At a pain management conference I once attended, it became obvious very quickly that, the western medical system, is only just beginning to understand pain. As an interesting aside they have only just realized that the pain of circumcision is felt, and more importantly, remembered by a baby’s brain, and all future pain in that baby’s life is measured against it.

So I write all of this from my iPhone in the waiting room of University Hospital. Periodically Bernice, my wife, suffers migraines so bad, and for so long, that it requires a trip to the ER. They give her a med that brings down the swelling in her brain, as her body is unable to do it itself. I believe it is related to the meningitis that she contracted a few years ago, the brain remembers the pain and reacts in a predetermined way. That’s my theory for what it’s worth, (not much lol). Hope everyone has a great Sunday…

God Bless, Julia


Clearing Things Up

O.K., there are a couple of things on my mind today but none of them is worth a full post…must be because my mind in so small, lol.

1. I love the Pay It Forward giveaway. I can’t wait to make my blogging friends something just for them.  I am definitely going to make this one an annual event.

2. The pendants I am making for the Womonspace Volunteer Awards, my city’s lesbian group, are finally getting to the finish line, just a little fine tuning now.  I will post a pic later this week with the finished products.

3. I am starting to think ahead to Christmas…I know, sorry to all of you who think I just said a dirty word. Apparently up to forty percent of sales on Etsy are between October and two weeks before Christmas…makes sense when you think about it. So fair warning, you may see Christmas theme work in my posts. 🙂

4. I really like the idea behind the bead soup swap…I have to think of a way to do this with some other craft medium. Something to think about for the new year when things are slow.

5. If you add an entire lemon to the Green Juice (Muck) recipe you can barely detect the taste of the lawn. Not great, but at least I’m not retching every time I swallow. Progress 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

God Bless, Julia