My Top Three Inspirations…Yep, I Got Nothing

Oh yeah, the house is a mess too.

I have been thinking about making Saturday’s posts about what inspired my work in the past week, so I began this post as a reminder of that.  The problem is, instead of putting it in draft,s I went and scheduled it for today…so you all got to read only the first sentence, Pathetic…duh! All I can say is, sorry:(…not very inspirational of me is it? Seems to be how this whole week has been though…

  1. Sales on Etsy: I sold some items on Etsy this week…I can’t help it I feel like Sally Fields….you like me, you really like me!  Pathetic really.
  2. A customer asked me to change one of my pieces slightly, by making post earrings out of dangle ones…never occured to me before…DUH!
  3. I watch the Olympics on a Canadian channel because they follow Canadian athletes. When the Olympics were in Vancouver two years ago, there was a song commissioned for the games that was inspirational, but was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to sweet. Well…they are using it again for the London Olympics, and I have downloaded it onto my iPhone so I can listen to it whenever I need a boost…LOSER!

this week has been so uninspirational…no, that is not a real word…that I only have three instead of the regular five.  Hope next week is more inspiring.

God Bless, Julia


8 thoughts on “My Top Three Inspirations…Yep, I Got Nothing

  1. The picture is funny, and so true for me too! Haha. And congratulations on your sales on Etsy, I love browsing through there, it has the most unique items! I must check out some of yours! 🙂

  2. Hey girl, sorry your inspiration is in semi-drought condition. Just remember the old phrase “It could have been worse.” Here is what I, your loyal blog follower, have been doing: 1.) My 82-year-old father fell and broke his leg on August 1st, my parents’ 59th wedding anniversary. 2.) We spent 10 hours in the hospital emergency department while they did x-rays, blood tests and, eventually, a CT scan. Then the doctors decided not to do anything that night and scheduled the surgery for noon the next day. 3.) My 79-year-old mother insisted she and her German Shepherd would be fine and I would hear from her in the morning. The next morning neither I nor my youngest brother could get Mom on the phone. She was not at the hospital when my brother went there. I broke the speed limit driving to check on Mom at home and her car wasn’t there! Fortunately, the only thing wrong was Mom’s phone wasn’t working and she was on her way to the hospital. She met my little brother there 20 minutes after my panic attack and he reprogrammed her phone (which was set up for “Blue Tooth” instead of normal reception so she couldn’t hear it). Dad’s surgery went well and he started eating solid food this morning; a happy ending to my sorry tale. Hope tomorrow goes better for us all!

    • I have tried to write this reply 4 times now. I’m sorry about your parents I hope everyone is better for next week. 🙂

  3. Hey I think it’s not so much about being uninspired as perhaps the mind’s need to chill a little bit and if we don’t let it, it does it for us! Perhaps. I also like the illustration. I am hopeful that both you and the previous commenter (huffyron) have a better week. 🙂

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