Menopause, Or How I’m Slowly Losing My Mind.

Has anyone seen my mind?…It was here the other day, I just know it.  Well I think I know it…I can’t remember anything these days.  I can apparently have a whole conversation with my wife one day, and have no recollection of it the next.  She repeats the conversation back to me…with a look of total disgust because she thinks I’m not paying attention…and somewhere in the deep synapses of my brain a little light flickers, just enough to tell me it is my mind that is going, not hers. When I was married before…you know, to that creep…I could remember fights we had ten years earlier word for word. Let me tell you, that came in handy.

It is so bad that I had to search back in my posts to make sure I had not already rattled on about this…wouldn’t that be sad.  People out there whispering about how she keeps writing about the same damn thing like in that movie,” Ground Hog Day.” Every day I get more and more like my mother…who I use to look at with that same look of disgust because she could not remember all the ingredients to her Raisin Oatmeal Cookies, off the top of her head.  Honestly I must have been a real *itch, because my mother was forty when I was born…I’m probably lucky she remembered to feed me. Hot flashes, loss of memory, mood swings, and a baby?…no thanks…I had Claire when I was thirty- seven, that was hard enough.

God Bless, Julia


4 thoughts on “Menopause, Or How I’m Slowly Losing My Mind.

  1. It happens to me all the time… trust me… I can recall entire conversations but sometimes I can’t remember something someone told me yesterday… or even five minutes ago. Frankly, it’s a little scary…

  2. Awesome post! Thank you for making me laugh out loud this morning. And I too was a late-in-life baby for my 39 year old mom. That way we got to nearly kill each other since she was in full-on menopause as I was entering the joy of puberty. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment! No wonder I left home at 15, to live with my 27 year old sister (who was more like my mom than my birth mom, you know?).

    • I understand the older sister thing, my oldest sister is 13 yrs older than me, and my son is 12 yrs older than his sister…apparently it runs in my family. lol

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