Summer Vacations

Remember when you were little and the most important things in life during summer vacation were, who you were going to play with, and what flavor of Popsicle you were going to get? Those carefree days when it didn’t matter how hot it was because you could always run under the sprinkler or jump in the pond. The sound of what we called,”heat bugs,” announcing the dawning of a scorching new day

When I was a child we spent our summer vacation at my Aunt’s house in the country. She lived in a little Village 15 miles north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada…a far cry from Montreal.  That is where I learned about gardening, preserving, and different crafts. I would spend my days wandering the pastures followed by their Irish Setter. There were years where everywhere you stepped there were frogs, or grasshoppers, or the year I hated…snakes.

We don’t seem to have those kinds of summers anymore…now we send or kids to camps, or summer school, to get ahead of everyone else. Those summers taught me a lot about appreciating life and its simple pleasures. The joy in walking in silence and listening to life around me.  I learned that I am oh so small, and God is oh so big, and so in his love for us. I wonder if I’ m robbing my kids of that… Well they need good jobs anyway, to take care of me when I’ m old, LOL.

God Bless, Julia


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