Looking Forward

It’s too hot!

I can’t wait for September.  September has always been my favorite month…the weather cools enough that you can sit outside in the evening and enjoy without being attacked by rabid mosquitoes. Children go back to school, the leaves start to turn, and a new routine settles over the house.  In the summer routines go right out the window.  Bed time,what’s that?, even I stay up till midnight…it does not help that the sun does not go down till 10:30 p.m. here in the great white north. It’s been too hot this summer to even think of cooking dinner in the oven, also known as the kitchen.  Even the evil cat, and the dumb dog, are not eating…it’s too hot.  With one week off on vacation and then the next back at work, it’s hard to get into a routine there as well.

As a child my favorite time of year was, back to school.  It meant new clothes…yes, young ones, we only got new clothes for school. It meant new books, new paper, pencils, and knapsack, (Canadian word for backpack)…I think this may be where my obsession with stationery began. I’ll have to write a post about stationary one day…I’m sure you are all really excited about that one, lol.  Well until September arrives I will try to enjoy what is left of summer here in snowland…after all it wont be long until January, and I’ll be complaining about -30 C and cabin fever.

God Bless, Julia


4 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. I like September too because it begins to cool… and it just has that… autumn aroma… you know the one I mean? I can’t describe it… but it always comes in the second half of the month and makes me think of my teenage years, going to school back home in England…

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