Inspiration, I think this Is No 3.

I’ve moved my, “what has inspired me this week,” post to Sundays…I hope no one minds.  It seems to fit in to my life a little better this way.  I write my post and then off to church for more inspiration. 🙂

1. Bloggers: I’m going to have to keep a list of the bloggers that have inspired me so I can thank them directly here.  I leave comments for them when I think that a particular post has moved me, but I think it would be nice if I let others know in case they would like to read it too.  This week I read a post about what this blogger would right to their child if they told their parent they were gay.  It was very moving…made me cry of course…I wish every child could receive the kind of support that this letter was expressing. You have inspired me to keep up the fight…thank you.

2. Olympics: As the Olympics come to an end I realise that there have been so many times over the last two weeks that I have been inspired by the effort pout forth by the athletes.  There are the Usaine Bolt moments…but there are the moments when you know that the athlete has conquered so many hurdles just to get to the games and now they have proven to themselves that they are worthy of being there. You have inspired me to always strive to be the best person that I can be.

3. Canadian Runners: Technically this is still the Olympics but this moment stands out in the crowd.  The men’s 4 by 100 relay was run yesterday afternoon, well at least here it was afternoon. The Canadians won the bronze medal…a total shock for me anyway.  I was so proud of them…then the olympic officials took it away from them because one of our runners put his foot on the inside line. the athletes were understandably upset…not mad, they were heart-broken.  They did not rant or rave about the injustice, they just humbly said it was ok…and the athlete who broke the rule apologized over and over. They acted with complete dignity in the face of sorrow, and while the world watched their lowest moments…that is worthy of the olympic bronze. You have inspired me to stand up and walk with dignity even when I feel like life has been cruel to me.

thank you to all of my blogging friends…you are all an inspiration to me.

God Bless, Julia


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