Way Too Early


I’m typing this post on my phone in the Opthomologist office, that wasn’t the plan when I got up this morning, but today’s plans have already had to be revised a few times. It throws me off sometimes when things go south first thing the morning. It is as if I can’t go forward because there is something in the way. The rest of the day is derailed and I don’t know how to get it back on track.

Maybe if I take a nap, then when I get up I can trick my mind into believing it’s Monday morning again. It’s worth a shot anyway. I’ll let you know if it works. Maybe this is one of the reasons some countries take long breaks, siestas. If this works I may have to implement this in my home. the dog will go for it, he’ll sleep anytime…I’m sure the cat will agree too, he’s barely ever awake as it is. Sorry, can’t chat now, it’s nap time, lol.


God bless, Julia



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