Help! I Need Your Opinion

I realise that this may be a controversal subject, but I’m going to tackle it anyway…I promise not to get upset by any of your opinions on this subject…we are all entitled to voice our opinions.  O.K. here it goes…What is your opinion on going grey?  I don’t mean,” Fifty Shades of Grey,”…I mean, should I let my hair go grey? I know some of you are already screaming at the computer, or phone, or iPad, or whatever screen…but hear me out first.

I’m actually already grey. Back in January, I had this crazy idea that it would be a good idea if I stopped dying my hair, and just let the real me out. Yes I know, it was probably cabin fever, having already spent several months inside hiding from the Canadian winter. So, I let my natural hair color grow in about 3/4 of an inch…that’s all I could stand to live with…and then cut it really short so as to cut off the colored hair. I had to live with the, “just came out,” Lesbian look for a few months…but now I’m looking sort of presentable. The problem you say?…get to the point? I hate it!

I know, I tortured myself, and those close to me who had to see and hear all the fuss, for months. It is finally looking normal, and I hate it. I have legitimate reasons though.

  1. It is not even nice grey hair…you know, silver all over or something. Nope mine is grey it patches, and it’s a dull icky grey, while the rest is a lovely shade of poop brown.
  2. If one more child asks my daughter if her, grandma, can push them on the swings too, I’m going to go postal on a five-year old.
  3. I’m forty-something and I feel like I’m sixty-something when I look in the mirror. I look forward to being sixty-something, just not in my forties thank you.
  4. I swear brown spots have shown up on my face just in the last few months since I’ve gone “au natural”
  5. If I have to put up with all the menopause symptoms, is it really fair to ask me to put up with the grey hair too? I don’t think so.

So there you have it. Tell me what you think…I really want to know. I had real reasons for letting my hair grow out in January…I’ve just forgotten them…probably the menopause.

God Bless, Julia


32 thoughts on “Help! I Need Your Opinion

  1. Julia I think we might be related lol. I have the exact same stuff going on at age 44. The spots of gray and the spots on the face. I use lemon juice to help with the brown facial spots and it seems to help some. If I could afford it I’d probably go see a dermatologist to get them removed because my skin is healthy, just have the spots! The hair. I’ve been coloring my hair for many moons and am now at the precipice you are torturing yourself with. For me, I’m not ready to go grey yet so I use a color close to or a bit lighter than my natural color. I have tried and tried to grow my hair long but just have decided it looks healthier short so that’s how I’m keeping it now. Once more of your hair comes out gray than the natural, then may be consider letting it go. Just my opinion….that’s what my plan is. Hope this helps! Feel your pain!

    • for the grey spots I’ve resorted to a facial cream that says it is suppose to get rid of them in about 4 weeks, this is week 2…nothing yet, and I’ve practically been bathing in it. lol, thanks for the opinion…I’m with ya sista…

      • I’ve tried so many different facial creams and none of them really have worked for me and it just gets so darn expensive after a time. So I’ve become my own personal alchemist lol. Hope what your using helps.

  2. I’m a firm believer in doing what makes you happy, and if you wanna dye your hair, then dye it. I noticed ONE gray hair about a year after I had my daughter (I was 28), and I immediately starting dyeing my hair because I didn’t want to go gray in my 20s! I think all those reasons you listed are good ones. I also agree with the previous commenter who said you could always wait a few years and then let it go, and maybe it will be a gray you can live with.

  3. My motto is “whatever makes you feel good without hurting others is the right thing to do”. So, if coloring your hair feels good, then do it! My hair is also a lovely shade of poop brown, although in my menopause years it has been getting thinner and has always been fine. My mom always had fine hair as well. She passed at age 38 so I have no idea if her hair would have thinned but she did bless me with no gray hair, so in my mid-50’s I still have none. Not that I’m bragging because I would rather have the gray issue to contend with and more hair. I say do what makes you feel beautiful Julia (not that you aren’t already)! : )

  4. I agree with everyone else: Do what YOU feel is best, whatever will make you happiest. I, like @Stefani W, found my first grey after my 2nd child was born 2 months ago, and I’m ONLY 27. (I have to say “ONLY” because my 2 1/2 -year-younger husband reminds me everyday that I’m knocking on 30. Thank you.) Who knows how long I’ve had grey, though, because I’ve dyed my hair off & on and random colors since 18. Right now the grey hairs I find here and there aren’t bothering me, BUT the second someone points one out I WILL dye my hair again. That’s me, though.

  5. I started going gray in my early 30s and have been coloring it ever since. I have several friends who “tsk tsk” me for it due to the chemicals and whatnot, but i do switch off between the nontoxic colorant from Whole Foods and a good high quality eco- and health-friendly coloring at a local salon every so often. Just can’t always afford to do that and sometimes go with the $8 box of Garnier or whatever. I’m at peace with myself over it, but am open to the idea that when i’m not, i’ll quit. Do what makes you happy, Julia.

  6. If YOU hate it, why even worry about anyone else’s opinion?? It is YOUR head and YOUR confidence. However I will make serious fun of you if you go “Old lady blue” or “just for men black with grey eyebrows.”. And I mean seriously make fun. ;). Just get a soft color to make you feel pretty and tell anyone who gives you a hard time to put a sock in it! You are already lovely but it sure is nice when we feel lovely, too. Hugs!!! Joanna

    • I’m not really worried about what others say…except for that brat at the park, lol. I have a fleeting concern about the chemicals, but since I have been dying my hair since being in my twenties, I’m pretty sure I’ve already killed off all the brain cells that were at risk 🙂

  7. It doesn’t bother me… but then, I’m going bald LOL I’m slightly miffed that I’m the only one in my family who’s losing their hair (before it even gets the chance to go grey)… but what the hell… it just means I have to get it cut shorter, which means I don’t have to worry about combing it in the morning either… I don’t have to worry about windy days too… so it’s all good LOL

  8. Do what you feel comfortable with. The only person you have to please is yourself. I do have my hair dyed but I wonder about the effects all those chemicals have on your brain and body. I am not a natural blonde but I act like one sometimes so I blame the chemicals. 🙂

  9. If your so unhappy with your hair – color it. Seems you gave the natural look a try and aren’t pleased with it. Any reason specifically as to why you are fighting this so much?
    Pictures would be more helpful – I bet it doesn’t look nearly as bad as you think.

  10. I didn’t take the time to read the other comments from your followers as I usually do because to me this really is a no brainer. Change the color to the color that makes “You” feel good about it. A person’s hair color can change to grey sooner for some than others. Referencing the Grandma comments you’ve heard indicates that people too quickly judge and assume things based solely on appearance. Very prevalent in society today, sadly. So make it so. Do something nice just for you! 🙂

  11. I have more grey hair than I realized I would have at 51. I love grey hair. I had a grey hair moment of crisis and thought for about a day that I should color my hair but then I moved on. If you want to color it do so. If its just a passing crisis of thought consider it normal. Not now but eventually I want all grey hair. I think grey is great. I just don’t want a grey beard.

  12. I dye my hair and highlight it.It makes me feel younger and sexier for my husband. But there is nothing wrong with just letting your hair down either. In my mind It brings me back to my 30s when I didn’t need to color it. It’s whatever your heart is telling you to do.

  13. I’m a little late to this discussion. I started going grey in my late 20s and immediately started to color it. By my mid 30s color didn’t really cover it, but it looked like I streaked it intentionally. After a horrible color job with a new trial color that wouldn’t wash out a few years ago I decided to cut it off similar to what you did. I happened to see a commercial with Jamie Lee Curtis and she looked so happy and comfortable with her short grey hair that I went for it. At first I was a little uncomfortable with it so short, but now I love it. If you are still uncomfortable with it, then color it.

    • I bought the dye several weeks ago and it is still sitting in my linen closet. I’m getting use to seeing myself in the mirror, and I’m thinking it’s not too bad. 🙂

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