Cleaning House

It’s time to clear some things up;

I’m not sure if it’s because of summer, or people are just not interested, but the book club is a bust.  I really can’t complain, because I have not been keeping up with the reading myself.  The weather is too good, the children are out of school…I have a myriad of excuses on the ready.  The truth is, I don’t think anyone really has the time. So for that one loyal person who may still be reading the book?…I will finish it, and please feel free to comment on the book club page…I would love to chat about it.  O.K. that’s taken care of.

The garden is a jungle of leaves, vines, and sadly, weeds.  I’m pretty sure there are vegetables in there somewhere.  I have to spray myself with cancer causing chemicals…found in the form of mosquitoes repellent…in order to pick the vegetables I am trying to grow because they are healthier…hmmmmmm…I might want to look at that, lol. It has been so wet around here this summer that the mosquitoes are brutal, the vegetables are drowning, but the weeds love it…the garden has been a partial success.

September is right around the corner, so I’m in the process of making lists and scheduling activities.  It seems to me that September First would be the better day for making new year resolutions…at least if you have children…that’s when everything starts again, and the house gets back to its routine.  Everyone is too partied out in January to start anything new…they are still paying Christmas bills, and recovering from the party circuit.  September is much better.

Oh I forgot the best part…CLAIRE IS BACK HOME SAFE AND SOUND!

That’s the cleaning done…now to make a new plan.

God Bless, Julia


6 thoughts on “Cleaning House

  1. “I have to spray myself with cancer causing chemicals…found in the form of mosquitoes repellent” With West Nile running rampant here in our area we have to do that too. Not lovin it. Book Club is better for winter – you may try again then if you still have the gumption for it.

  2. Julia I think you’re right for all the reasons you gave. Actually since I downloaded the book my kindle has been trying to madly get my attention while I weave between being online blogging with bloggers – a constant source of fun for me, and the real world miriad of things to do every day. I am hopeful that a colder clime will produce a stronger inclination and more time to do more book reading which I love also.

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