Working with glass means you have to be comfortable with failure. When cutting glass there will always be times when the glass decides it just does not want to break the way you need it to. When fusing glass in the kiln you can never be sure what your piece is going to look like until you open up the kiln and take a look. Experience helps of course, but it is still always a combination of knowledge and luck.

I’ve been working on a commission for an LGBT organization in my city. Twenty pendants that they will be giving out as special awards in September. It should not be a big deal to get these pendants done, but they have been giving me a tough time. I always do practice pieces first in order to cut done on surprises from the kiln, but my practice pieces have been a pain in my behind. I know the saying, now I know many ways not to do it, and I only need to get it right once. It’s still a pain though 🙂

God Bless, Julia



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