I’m Done With The Global Warming

What I Learned This Weekend

We are set for another day of 3o C weather here today and tomorrow does not look any better.  For those of you that do not know celsius, 30C in northern Canada is freakishly hot.  We are used to getting a few days like this in the summer…for which we complain non-stop, just like the -30C in the winter…but I’ve lost count of how many days we have had like this.  I know it’s a lot, because I have taken to sleeping in the basement on a little love seat.  It’s very uncomfortable but at least I can sleep a little.  In the bedroom I just lay there, in a puddle, waiting for dawn. God forbid I get a night sweat…then there is no living with me…the inner *itch comes to the surface devouring everyone in her way.  I also know it has been a long hot summer because I am sure this is about the tenth post I’ve written complaining about the weather.  It may be a Canadian recreational activity to talk about the weather, but I think I’ve been pushing the envelope a bit.

Yesterday and Saturday I wrote my post while watching the dragon boat races, so I was not able to write about what I usually do, mostly because it is not fun to write on my iPhone. Bernice’s team came in third in the A division…an excellent result…yeah team. By the way they are a LGBT team and their name is, The Flaming Dragons, too funny. the reason that I mention this is there was a special race where all the breast cancer survivor teams from Alberta and Saskatchewan raced. it was very inspirational. After the race they, walked down the path to the trophy ceremonies with people lined up on both sides, clapping and high fiving them…very moving.  I would have to say that all of the most inspirational moments from this last week, came as a result of the racing.

God Bless, Julia


6 thoughts on “I’m Done With The Global Warming

  1. It is a noble Canadian tradition to talk about the weather, so never apologize. Global warming just gives us even more to talk about! We were having temps here in Toronto that felt like over 40 a couple of weeks ago. That’s just not right. I don’t think I have EVER used my air conditioning more than I have this summer.
    Love the name Flaming Dragons, by the way. Very cute.

    • When I was growing up in Montreal my mother always had two air conditioners going all summer…it was like an ice box. She was between 45 and 55 yrs old…I get it now. lol

  2. Julia I feel your pain but don’t despair dear girl. We were having a long stretch here in N Texas of triple digits and no rain…..thanks be to the Universe we have been getting rain and at noon it’s only 72 degrees here! Normally by 10 it’s 100+ this time of year! When I’ve been out doing my Tai Chi/prayer/meditation I’ve been thinking words like “cool, peace, calm, harmony, rain” and just infusing those words with positive feelings – with love. Sometimes when we pray we have “too many mind.” As I write I am thinking of Julia getting a good nights sleep – windows open with a cool breeze and gentle rains. Now you try! 🙂

  3. It’s been 30c in England too…which is strange as we’re so used to rain and it’s meant to be getting to autumn now! Our flats bee boiling too as it’s pretty much impossible to get a breeze through here 😦 Starting to cool down now though, we’ll probably all be complaining about the rain soon. 😛

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