Clearing Things Up

O.K., there are a couple of things on my mind today but none of them is worth a full post…must be because my mind in so small, lol.

1. I love the Pay It Forward giveaway. I can’t wait to make my blogging friends something just for them.  I am definitely going to make this one an annual event.

2. The pendants I am making for the Womonspace Volunteer Awards, my city’s lesbian group, are finally getting to the finish line, just a little fine tuning now.  I will post a pic later this week with the finished products.

3. I am starting to think ahead to Christmas…I know, sorry to all of you who think I just said a dirty word. Apparently up to forty percent of sales on Etsy are between October and two weeks before Christmas…makes sense when you think about it. So fair warning, you may see Christmas theme work in my posts. 🙂

4. I really like the idea behind the bead soup swap…I have to think of a way to do this with some other craft medium. Something to think about for the new year when things are slow.

5. If you add an entire lemon to the Green Juice (Muck) recipe you can barely detect the taste of the lawn. Not great, but at least I’m not retching every time I swallow. Progress 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

God Bless, Julia



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