Pain is such a difficult thing for the medical community to deal with. When I worked with disabled children and adults,pain management was always an issue.At a pain management conference I once attended, it became obvious very quickly that, the western medical system, is only just beginning to understand pain. As an interesting aside they have only just realized that the pain of circumcision is felt, and more importantly, remembered by a baby’s brain, and all future pain in that baby’s life is measured against it.

So I write all of this from my iPhone in the waiting room of University Hospital. Periodically Bernice, my wife, suffers migraines so bad, and for so long, that it requires a trip to the ER. They give her a med that brings down the swelling in her brain, as her body is unable to do it itself. I believe it is related to the meningitis that she contracted a few years ago, the brain remembers the pain and reacts in a predetermined way. That’s my theory for what it’s worth, (not much lol). Hope everyone has a great Sunday…

God Bless, Julia



12 thoughts on “Migraine

  1. Oh god love her. As a sufferer of migraines I understand. Give her my best and make sure you pat yourself on the back for being such a caring wife. (btw that baby pain scale is fascinating thanks for sharing!)

  2. Oh your poor wife! I suffer migraines too, but not to that extent thank goodness. I feel so sorry for her. I do hope she gets better soon. cheers Judy πŸ™‚

  3. I didn’t want to click “like” on this one because what Bernice is going through (you by proxy and loving her) sounds HORRID! Sending positive thoughts to both of you and I hope she gets relief and some rest.

    • They pumped her full of strong steroids, and a bunch of other drugs, she is resting now, thanks πŸ™‚

  4. I feel your wives pain. Many years ago I too suffered severe and debilitating migraine pain. I too had to visit the ER for relief. After many years of different medications . I one day decided to look into holistic and homeopathic medicine. When your desperate for relief, God only knows what your capable of. I shortly discovered that by simply understanding my family medical history of Diabetis, high blood pressure, cancer etc. I changed my way of eating. Come to find out. My particular migraines were caused by food allergies. Well, truthfully it was more allergy to certain taste enhancers used in food products. MSG being one of them. Today I have total control of my migraines. Are they gone forever? No. They are not, the instant I consume anything I am allergic to, Immediatly the symptoms and signs of a migraine surface. I quickly proceed to try to dilute what ever is trying to cause it with plenty of water, fresh fruits and a healthy salad. This is not medical advise of any kind. I just thought I would share what worked for me. I hope it helps a little. I hope and pray you find relief.

    • thank you for your kind words…B has crohns as well so food issues are definitely an issue in this house. πŸ™‚

  5. Is that a cold or hot compress you are holding up to your face? I find that if I get a washcloth wet and heat it up in the microwave and place it over the oncoming migraine pain, I can lessen its severity and even prevent it at times. I recently bought one of those small heating pads and started using it. Seems to have the same effect and no one has to run back and forth to the kitchen to keep heating up the washcloth. Feel better!

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