Angels Among Us

I believe in angels…not the kind that have wings, and maybe even blow a horn…but the kind that you meet each day that help you to make life a little bit easier.  Regular people like you and me doing angelic acts. The angels that do huge things for us are fairly easy to spot, our lives are usually profoundly changed by them, they become heroes in our lives. I do believe that there are people who are called to do simple things for each other as well, and those acts are angelic in nature.  I think God uses each of us as angels every day to help each other to make our lives easier.

Angelic deeds do not have to be accompanied by bright lights and classical music. When someone holds the door open for you when your hands are full…someone stops to smile at your crying baby, so that the child calms down…or someone gives you the parking space; all these acts of kindness make everyday life a little easier.  Sure it is like, paying it forward, but I think that we do it more often than we realise, at least I hope so.  When we go out of our way to do something nice for another person…like pay for their coffee while they are in the line up at the Timmy’s drivethru…we pat ourselves on the back and say, what a good person I am. However,even the small things that we do not give a second thought to, can have a profound effect on someone else’s life.  Everyone you meet today is going through a great person struggle, be kind to them you never know how big an impact you will have on their lives.

God Bless, Julia


7 thoughts on “Angels Among Us

  1. ” I think God uses each of us as angels every day to help each other to make our lives easier.” I believe this too. We are Gods (for me the Universe’s) ambassadors to each other…I think that’s one of the primary reasons we are here! People forget that. Had to reblog this….earth angels are real! 🙂

  2. If you look up the word ‘angel’ in the bible, there is a definition of ‘cheribum’ which is more the angelic creature, however, there is also a definition of ‘messenger’ describing more of what you speak of here. If I had my bible program out right now, I’d give you the exact number, but I don’t, sorry. Turns out you are could be right here though …

  3. What a great post this is Julia. You are absolutely right, we do not know what personal struggles anyone is going through and our reaction to that person can make a huge impact in their life, so be kind. So easy, yet so profound. 🙂

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