Report From The Garden

Garden update…reporting from the jungle known as Julia’s back yard. This is a dangerous mission, the zucchini has reached a monstrous size, and the beans are strangling everything that is in their path. The sunflowers have grown above the reaches of the fence and are eyeing the neighbour’s pets. Tomorrow is September 1st, and fall is set to descend upon us with a thud…time to harvest, and clean up the garden. I’ve learned a few things from the garden this year.

1. If zucchini is left to grow unattended, it will consume every other plant…and small animals…in it’s way.

2. It is possible to grow beans here in the great white north…apparently global warming has an up side.

3. If you write the names of new herb plants on white plastic label stakes with a sharpie they will disappear, and the neighbours will be wondering what you are doing sitting in the middle of your garden, crying  and sniffing all your plants.

4. Wow…does lemon balm spread.  At least it has a distinct smell. (see lesson 3)

5. Have recipes on hand for green tomatoes…there will be more green than red…at least here anyway.

6. Plant extra because you will be feeding various other organisms throughout the summer.

7. Rhubarb can not be killed.

8. Sunflowers are fascinating.

God Bless, Julia


11 thoughts on “Report From The Garden

  1. # 3 made me smile because we have a garden we aren’t really able to use that the previous owners, organic farmers, put in. We have had many “mystery” plants show up that ended up being food #5 – have you ever tried fried green tomatoes?

  2. Your garden sounds just like mine! After the wet summer we’ve had we definitely have more green toms; my sunflowers have fallen over and my courgettes are marrows! We have grapes galore though but need some sunshine to ripen. Mmmmmm, not optimistic. 😦

    • careful where you plant the rhubarb…you have to be sure that is where you want it, because once you plant it, it’s there forever 🙂

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