Back To School

When I was a child I loved this time of year…this is when I would get new books, pencils, pens…I’m sure this was the beginning of my stationary obsession. everything seemed like it held a promise, a new beginning, where you could start fresh. I never once regretted the start of the school year…probably why I have a college diploma, two B.A.s, and a post-graduate diploma…hard to believe considering my spelling, thank God for spell check.  I’m  what my parents liked to call a professional student…they considered it an insult…I don’t. I think that learning is a life long pursuit, I can not imagine not being in the process of learning something new…I find it exciting.

I am so glad that Claire likes school…Scott hated it…when you have a learning disability, as both of my birth children do, school can be torture. Tomorrow is the first day of grade six for Claire…the last year of elementary school. She is like me in the sence that she can not wait for school to start…she has been counting down for the last two weeks. Part of it has to do with seeing her friends again, as she is bussed to a school 20 minutes away so she has not seen her friends all summer. she also loves all the new pencils…she is writing her name on each one as I write this. Claire likes to take the lead in activities at school, so I’m sure this year will be filled with organizing yoga classes, and recycling club once again.

God Bless, Julia


9 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. I agree with the learning thing and now that I’m post-menopausal I feel I am re-learning some of the things I had already been taught, given my failing memory (lol). 🙂

  2. Thank you for this delightful post Julia. I too remember loving this time of year as a child: the new pencils and other school supplies. The hope. And later as a mom of two young ones going through these exciting first days of back to school, it was a joy. Now they’re grown and I am missing out a bit. I think I’ll go buy myself some new pencils and notebooks, just for fun! GREAT image too!

  3. Oh my. What a HILLARIOUS sign that school has! Too cool 🙂 I know what you mean about school (and the stationary addiction!). I’m taking online college courses for a bachelor’s right now and I must say, other than the people (I’m not a people person), I really miss the school environment. All the papers, pens, pencils, heavy books in a huge bookbag…yes, I actually miss those. Nice blog, by the way!

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