Hear That?

Do you hear that?…no?…that because it’s quiet. The first day of school means lots of running around and excitement, and then…silence.  I miss her already, how pathetic is that? I know, I should be happy that she is back to school today, but it is bitter-sweet.  She is a preteen now…suddenly worried about what others, her peers, are going to think. No kiss and hug goodbye, just a wave and a,”see ya.” I am grateful that she loves school and is liked by so many, it definitely makes life easier…but could she not humor me, and pretend she will miss me, even a little? 🙂 This is not a real problem, something that is eating away at me…just a little twinge of sadness that time goes much too fast.  This can be fixed with the Scottish solution to all problems, a brew. 🙂

The other thing on my mind this morning  is the provincial election in Quebec…was that a yawn?…I feel the same.  I grew up in Montreal, where politics infuses every part of your life. Everyone is politically aware…sounds like an overstatement I know, but politics is taught in the schools and on the streets…that is the way it is.  When I moved away from Montreal, I still kept track of the politics as though it had some impact on my life.  Fifteen years later?…yawn, I just don’t care.  Now I understand why the rest of Canada really does not care about, or understand the Quebec people.  I understand them, but I just don’t care any more.  I know that they will elect the right person…Quebecers are very politically astute, they know what they want and vote accordingly. Fifteen years ago I would be following how things were playing out from early this morning… now? yeah, not so much, I’m having a brew. 🙂

God Bless, Julia


4 thoughts on “Hear That?

  1. I miss the excitement of the back to school week. My daughter is in high school now and is rarely around, so first day back to school doesn’t seem so exciting anymore. Damn – these kids take it all from us some way right?

    politics? big yawn, I know I should care …. at least you have the comfort of knowing all will work out for the best. me? i’m not so sure.

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