Stand Up To Cancer

Tonight on television, there is a program that will air on all the major networks called, “Stand Up To Cancer.” I have written about cancer before in this blog…I have been vocal about my hatred of this disease. Like so many others, cancer has left its mark on my family and friends. In many ways it has changed the course of my life, like nothing else. Both my wife and I, have autoimmune diseases, but still I find myself fighting cancer more than anything else.  For the last thirty-five years the word, cancer, has been in my life…I want it out! So I ask that tonight, as you go about your lives, please stop and remember all the loved ones that you have lost, those that keep fighting, and those that have won the fight.

I am thinking of adding a cancer ribbon line of jewelry to my Etsy store. I will give all the proceeds to cancer research.  I will keep you updated about this project.

God Bless, Julia


6 thoughts on “Stand Up To Cancer

  1. I lost my mother and grandmother to cancer , and have 2 friends who are breast cancer survivors … this disease does affect so many people, and I would like to thank you for raising this issue on your blog, We survive, we triumph through adversity, and we become stronger because of it; but we are not unscarred! =D

  2. I lost my mother to cancer at age 14 and have watched many family members and friends fight this insidious disease, including my husband. Thank you for your post Julia 🙂

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