Cat Love

I have a cat…I even like my evil cat…but seriously, this guy needs a date. I watched this video with my jaw on the floor. I like going on Pinterest…I’m sure it only has one category, DYI and Crafts…it’s the only one I look at anyway. Now, let me just say, this guy is sooooooooooo family,( LGBT code word for fellow LGBT members). The only men I have ever known, who love their cats that much, AND would be this OCD, AND have a space in their house to do this…are gay…he needs a boyfriend. If you are this guy, and you are reading this?…call me hun, I’ll hook you up, I know lots of single, lonely, OCD, interior design guru, GAY men…hell, my next door neighbour fits this profile. For all my straight readers…don’t worry, you can laugh, it’s funny as hell.

God Bless, Julia


2 thoughts on “Cat Love

  1. I fear I may be the female version of Rufus’s owner. Given more time and more boxes, I would probably make this for my cat. He’d love it!

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