Stuffed Friends

When I was a teenager my brother and sister-in-law lived upstairs from me with their young son Jonathon.  I spent a lot of time with Jonathon…I loved being with little children even back then.  Jonathon had an undiagnosed problem with his speech…it was found that he was tough tied later…that made it difficult for him to speak.  He had a stuffed toy dog that he carried with him everywhere…By age four that dog had no fur, eyes, or nose, it was the ugliest thing you had ever seen. My sister-in-law had tried to repair it as much as she could, but the stuffy…named, dog, because that was all Jonathon could manage…had been loved so much, it was a losing battle. Dog had to stay home when Johnathon went off to kindergarten…dogs go to dog school apparently…and slowely dog was left sitting on a shelf collecting dust, instead of memories.

When I saw this video I was immediately reminded of Jonathon, and my son Scott. Scott had an Elmo stuffy that he dragged…literally…with him everywhere. Elmo had hard plastic eyeballs, that would inevitably hit you in the head when Scott would swing him around. I can still hear the thud as they ricocheted off my ex-husband’s head…good memories. 🙂 Here is to those early childhood moments when you told all your secrets to a little stuffed animal.

God Bless, Julia


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