It’s Not Easy Being Green

So this, going green, is starting to make me feel green, and it’s only day one…I’m doing this for at least ten days, at least that is the plan.  If all you eat…well drink…is the Mean Green juice…I prefer the name green slime…it follows that you will start looking green, you are what you eat after all.  Apparently I will start feeling better after I have done this for five days. FIVE DAYS! Five days of no caffeine, no sugar, no fat…I have a feeling that my family will be lucky to survive. I’ll keep you updated as the days go on. I’m hoping that by having to blog about it I will be less likely to sneak a donut in a weak moment. I already have a headache, probably because I would normally have had at least two cups of tea by now. I wouldn’t mind a little nap either…no caffeine…I’ take a walk to the library instead. Have a green…I mean great…day!

God Bless, Julia


5 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. love it! Good luck to you! And it DOES get easier. I’ve been there, done it, gone back to the bad (good) stuff and then back to the really “good” stuff again. I know people who stay with it forever once they get there…but many more do “cheat” now and then. I like to describe myself as a vegan who cheats now and then. My Ayurvedic Doctor in India says there is no such thing as cheating. Cheating in essence would make us feel guilty, and then we would get sick from the guilty feelings. If we generally eat well, and sometimes have cravings, it is our soul telling us it needs something it is not getting. Denying your souls desires is never healthy in the long run. So do your best, but “cheat” when you feel you really need to…WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY. All you are doing is eating “soul food” which is no less important than “body food”. 🙂
    much love light and JOY

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