Plant Killer

I read an article in a book about having a,”green home,” the other day that suggested that having plants in your house will help to keep the air clean.  I knew this in the back of my mind but I guess I never put it all together before.  It suggested that for every 15oo’ of house you need fifteen plants. Our home is quite small so I think I can get away with ten plants. I know that I need most of them inside my studio as that is where most of the toxic air in this house is made. That leaves just one issue.

I can grow plants outside, but I seem to be able to kill all my house plants.  It is not as if they require a lot of care. I just seem to become oblivious to them, and then a month later, when they are crying out for water, I notice. Maybe if the room is filled with plants I will be less likely to ignore them. At present we have one plant that Bernice inherited from her mother. I have no idea what the plant is, but it is a survivor…it seems to live just fine hanging in the window no matter how much we ignore it. I’m thinking of taking the plant into the nursery, and asking for nine more, :).

Juicing Update 3/10

Mood: up and down

Energy: Tired

Physical Symptoms: nausea, headache, sleepy, achy

God Bless, Julia



6 thoughts on “Plant Killer

      • Mine was hidden behind my curtains (even when they were pulled back!) so i guess i just forgot about it too…I really should have just put it somewhere really obvious. I think I also left it for about a year :/

  1. Whoa. I thought juicing diets were supposed to be good for you. As for plants, I used to have a lot of them and they did very well….of course I had to make a note on a calendar to water them or I’d forget. Now, I’m hardly ever home and they die a silent and cruel death.


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