No Inspiration

What a week…full of beginnings and endings.
1. Started a new job, many more hours then I was hoping for, but better then not enough. 🙂
2. Bernice, my wife, has started to receive infusions of a powerful new drug…powerful side effects too.
3. My parish victor, and friend, is leaving our parish to take on a new assignment. He will be wonderful in his new position, but I will miss him.
4. I’m having to take a step back from my Etsy shop…just not enough time in the day…it’s still open, but I won’t be able to add new work. I’ve had a hard time this week accepting this.

God Bless, Julia



6 thoughts on “No Inspiration

  1. You make some lovely things – don’t give up!!! I hope your partner feels better soon. Sounds like you’re having a bumpy ride at the moment and I’m sorry its a struggle for you. I know its hard at times but never stop looking for the silver lining x

  2. Sometimes as difficult as it is, we just need to step back and say “I can’t do it all and that is ok”. This has been a very hard lesson for me to learn. Sending warm wishes your way Julia. 🙂

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