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Small Changes – Week 2

Bernice’s Remicade treatments are not going as well as we had wished, her Crohns is improved but the side effects are just as debilitating. She has serious fatigue, and a headache that has gone on for a week now. She has to decide which she is willing to live with. We are thinking of eliminating corn from our diets, a bigger task then you would think at first.
This week I am exchanging some of our chemical laden personal products with all natural ones. Trying to use new shampoo, and soap. Every little bit counts.



Small Changes, Week 1

I am still struggling to make changes in the way my family and I live, making small steps toward a healthier life. I now understand how hard it is to work 40+ hours a week, manage a home, family, and try to be, “healthy.” I am giving myself a break by taking small steps in hope that we can stay with the changes and not feel like it is a burden. Each week I will make one small change in the way we eat, the products we use, (going natural), and the amount, and kind, of excercise we get. Hopefully by the end of a year our lives will look totally different…and we will all feel totally different.

This week we are eliminating red, and processed meats, from our diet. We live in Alberta…this is beef country…vegetarians are on the same level as communists and lesbians here, lol. With the beef recall of XL Foods looming over this province, it is not that hard to see myself and my family choosing to eliminate red meat. Eliminating chicken may take a little more time…until last year we told Claire all the meat we served her was chicken, it was the only way she would eat it, (bad mommy, very bad mommy, lol). So I guess for Claire it won’t be that hard, after all she has only been eating it for a year in her mind, 🙂

God Bless, Julia


I KNOW…I can hear you…where the hell have you been? The simple answer is, busy…but really there is no excuse. When I started the blog back in April I told myself that I was never just going to stop posting just because things got a little busy…well looks like I was wrong. I’m sorry about my absence.

To catch you up with what has been going on, I will give you a little synopsis.

1. My part time job is really about 35 hrs a week.
2. I am trying to learn all I can about my new job…perfectionism at work again.
3. The Anglican Church of Edmonton yesterday voted to allow same-sex blessings…got a blessing to plan now.
4. Construction on three windows for a church has begun…and it has a timeline of six months.
5. Bernice’s Remicade treatments are going well, she has another on Wednesday…not sure it is working yet.
6. We are exhausted…please see photo, lol

God Bless, Julia


Miracle Drug

Well I’m hoping it is a miracle drug…I’m sitting it a small room with my wife Bernice, while she has an infusion of a drug that we are hoping will help her Crohns. It works in only 50% of the cases, and there are side effects. Unfortunately it has come to the point where there is nothing to lose…Crohns has affected every aspect of her life in a negative way.

It takes up to 5 hours and normally they do not allow relatives to stay, but it was slow today so I got to stay. At $4000 an infusion you would think the drug company could afford more space so someone could stay with their loved one. Pray for her, I’m worried to be honest.

God Bless, Julia


So Tired

I can not believe how tired I am. When I was in university a LONG time ago, I was studying full time, and working full time. I have no idea how I did it…if I had to do that today I would be the most miserable person ever. Maybe that is why the,”old people,” of my young adult life seemed so grumpy. They were really just tired and sore, every muscle in their bodies rejecting the extra work.

I do not want Claire to remember me as some awful person. Someone with no energy to do anything with her, no memory, and always falling asleep in front of the boob-tube. I’m hoping that my body will adapt and I will spring back to life. We will see

God Bless, Julia



Thud! Did you hear that…it’s the sound of autumn falling with a crash on my city. That is kind of the way it happens here in Canada. One day you’re walking along, it’s sunny and 22C…the next, your fishing out your snow boots. I so love fall in Canada…I miss the beautiful display of color of the trees out east, but nothing can beat that crisp, cool, feeling in the air…it’s so much nicer when your sweating your a** off because you’re having a hot flash! My Claire was running and jumping in a pile of leaves on Saturday…it seems to go too fast though.  For me, fall feels like the shortest season…of course that might be because of WHERE I live.:)

It’s still dark outside when Bernice and Claire go off in the morning…and we haven’t even put the clocks back yet. Before you know it, it will be dark until nine in the morning, and then get dark again by 4:30. It balanced out by staying light until eleven during the summer…but it never really feels like it evens out. When we first moved here, it was summer. I had to buy special blinds to block out the sun because we could not get to sleep. In the winter you need a SAD lamp so you don’t go postal on your co-workers. AHHH, the Canadian north, such a lovely place…actually it is, but you wouldn’t know it from the way I complain.  Remember though that complaining about the weather is a sport in Canada, you can’t go a day without griping. I hope you are all having a lovely Autumn. 🙂

God Bless, Julia