So Tired

I can not believe how tired I am. When I was in university a LONG time ago, I was studying full time, and working full time. I have no idea how I did it…if I had to do that today I would be the most miserable person ever. Maybe that is why the,”old people,” of my young adult life seemed so grumpy. They were really just tired and sore, every muscle in their bodies rejecting the extra work.

I do not want Claire to remember me as some awful person. Someone with no energy to do anything with her, no memory, and always falling asleep in front of the boob-tube. I’m hoping that my body will adapt and I will spring back to life. We will see

God Bless, Julia



4 thoughts on “So Tired

    • finished the juicing…was good after the first five days…no cravings, instead I found myself turned off of junk food and seeking out healthy food.

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