I KNOW…I can hear you…where the hell have you been? The simple answer is, busy…but really there is no excuse. When I started the blog back in April I told myself that I was never just going to stop posting just because things got a little busy…well looks like I was wrong. I’m sorry about my absence.

To catch you up with what has been going on, I will give you a little synopsis.

1. My part time job is really about 35 hrs a week.
2. I am trying to learn all I can about my new job…perfectionism at work again.
3. The Anglican Church of Edmonton yesterday voted to allow same-sex blessings…got a blessing to plan now.
4. Construction on three windows for a church has begun…and it has a timeline of six months.
5. Bernice’s Remicade treatments are going well, she has another on Wednesday…not sure it is working yet.
6. We are exhausted…please see photo, lol

God Bless, Julia



3 thoughts on “Missing

  1. 🙂 We’ve all been there, I’m sure… I wrote almost daily, for months, but then I went back home to England for a few weeks and the spell was broken LOL I was worried I’d lose the urge to write, but that’s not happened… I want to write, I just realise now that I don’t *have* to post every day and that I should also focus on other things too 🙂

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