Small Changes – Week 2

Bernice’s Remicade treatments are not going as well as we had wished, her Crohns is improved but the side effects are just as debilitating. She has serious fatigue, and a headache that has gone on for a week now. She has to decide which she is willing to live with. We are thinking of eliminating corn from our diets, a bigger task then you would think at first.
This week I am exchanging some of our chemical laden personal products with all natural ones. Trying to use new shampoo, and soap. Every little bit counts.



3 thoughts on “Small Changes – Week 2

  1. So sad that you both are going through this. Well Bernice of course, may the agony relent! And you of course for the worry. May positive thoughts and prayers for health help you both, for you certainly have those in abundance. Love and Light, Gina

  2. Sorry to hear about this. If you are looking to eliminate some chemical stuff, may I suggest a couple of blogs to help you? Lynne has been trying to make her own personal products to get rid of the chemicals at:

    Also, Crunchy Betty is a great blog about using all natural foods and herbs in place of chemically-laden products. You can find her at: Lots of great information plus a helpful community there….

    Hope this helps, even a little….

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