The Bosses

So when I went into work today, for a major craft store chain, I could feel the stress level in the store was particularly high. Now you have to understand that as one of the highest grossing locations in the country, the stress level is usually up about extreme on a good day. It seems the head honcho was coming for a visit a day early.

Seriously, you would think Jesus was coming to scan the place. The management were crazed, even the woman’s bathroom finally got fixed. So this started me thinking about what it must feel like to know that you have this effect on people.

After all I’m pretty sure the Big Boss knows that everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It must be heady stuff having that effect on people. It would be very easy to loose sight of what is really important, and to remember that you are just another person doing a job. Good luck to him.

God Bless, Julia



One thought on “The Bosses

  1. I wonder if they really do know? I always suspected that my ‘big’ boss was completely unaware and that’s why he’d make a disparaging comment which would throw my boss into misery. When I reached my bosses level I moved to the same building as the big boss an he was really lovely – but totally clueless!

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