DSCF2102Destiny…loaded word isn’t it? Most of the time I believe in one form of it or another…then there are the times when the whole destiny thing is too hard, and I want to believe in the randomness of the world. However, I do believe that the universe conspires us to go in a certain direction…it has happened too many times for me not to believe it. unfortunately, just because that particular road I am on is the one chosen for me, it does not mean that there are not huge boulders right smack dab in the middle of my way. I think we are given small successes to keep us on the road, and going in the right direction…the pebbles, rocks, and boulders we come across help us to learn and become stronger so we can travel further down the road to our destiny.

I’ve read that one’s destiny is the dream you once had for yourself as a child….before the world cruelly took it from you. I’m not sure that it is true for everyone…maybe you are  lucky if you can remember your childhood destiny. I know that it is true for me…the most powerful positive childhood memories for me, all had to do with church, and art…it has taken forty years to get back on that road. Or maybe, I have always been on that road, but the boulders blocked my view. All I can do now is keep travelling…at least now I can see to the horizon.

God Bless, Julia



8 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. Absolutely true. I take this belief as well. Our road is decided for us and we have to make the most of what we encounter along the way, learning to grow and be better people. (Just had a sudden thought) those that seem to have the easy road, maybe are just not strong enough to deal with the tough stuff so they get the mundane road. (I love my bumpy road btw) and we are given choices to make it feel like we are in charge of our lives.

  2. I tend to believe this also. No matter how many times we moved away from our hometown when I was growing up it seemed that we always end up back there. I then moved away when I got married and ended up there again after about 10 years and I still have a house a house there but I only go occasionally. I feel like I will end up back there somewhere down the road even though I still have no idea what it is meant for me to do there.

  3. I believe in destiny but I’ve never been able to figure it out. What I mean is, there’s the whole Destiny Vs. Free Will argument… I believe that some things are pre-destined… but which things? And what’s down to free will? And how much of our choices and free will can change our destiny?

    Hmmmmmm… something to meditate on, methinks…

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