The Finger

Have you ever had one of those days where you should have just stayed imbed hiding under the covers?…that was yesterday for me. It started off fine lulling me into a sense of security just before it was about to bite me on the butt.

I was working on a window for a local church and all was going well. I needed some green glass and went to retrieve it front cache in the basement. I accidentally banged the side of the piece as I was lifting it up…but thought nothing of it…mistake number 1. While moving the piece on the table I sliced through my finger on the raw edge I created by banging it earlier… Mistake number 2. So off to the hospital to sew part of my finger back on…the photo is the least offensive view of the said appendage.

Several hours later upon leaving the parking lot, I discovered that in my haste not to bleed all over the ground, I had locked my keys in my car…mistake number 3. Well, $65 and an hour later I was in my car, thanks tow truck guy. By this time, I have to go straight to work.

There were several other small mishaps along the way…I should have stayed in bed, so today that’s exactly were I’m writing this from 😉

God Bless, Julia



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