Autistic Minds

For years I worked with autistic children. My approach was often different from other therapists…I always interacted with others as though they were as,”normal,” as any other child. I read them books, we played, we learned the things that anyone of their age would be learning, we pursued activities that they showed genuine interest in. They may have not been able to talk…but they were communicating, and it was my job to,”listen,” to what they were trying to tell me. This video validates all those years of work…I knew then that I was understanding, and that I was understood…this just fills my heart with joy.

God Bless, Julia


3 thoughts on “Validation

  1. Julia you are doing for the kids you work with exactly what they need – meeting them in their world half way to share ours. I am going to reblog this post today here on WordPress and share on my Facebook. Autism seems like almost an evolution we are just beginning to understand. The physical body seems like an obstacle to everything these children are — they are “so big” inside it can hardly be contained.

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