Archive | March 2013


I’ve started to read a new book…well new to me anyway, “Quiet,”by Susan Cain. It is about introverts in a world of extroverts. It is not shocking news for me or for anyone who knows me, that I am an introvert par excellence. I’ve learned over the years how to, “behave,” like an extrovert when necessary even becoming quite a good public speaker. It took years to develop the skills to fake it, but it has proved to be necessary sometimes.

Claire and Bernice are introverts too…Claire much like me, her mother. I’m sure there are times in our home that people would think no one was living there, never mind awake and breathing. We are not exactly party animals…in fact even our pets are introverts.

Oh well, extroverts may run the world but maybe the introverts will save it.

God Bless, Julia