Oh, my beautiful Claire…born to me later in life…she is my reward for having to put up with Scott during his adolesence…yes, of course I’m kidding…sort of.  You see I still look at Claire through rose-colored glass because she is only ten.  She has not started to be an obnoxious teenage girl.  She has not yet had a chance to make me want to bang my head against a wall, or send her to boarding school.  What I would like to do, is save her brain in a jar until she is twenty-one…it’s not like she is going to use it as a teenager…I didn’t use  mine…in fact I think I may have damaged it.

She is a smart, responsible, happy, and compassionate girl.  She will take on a leadership role in her school…she started, and ran, a yoga class in her elementary school…hell I know I wasn`t doing anything like that at her age.  She can run the 110m and 200m faster than anyone in her school…she went to provincials last year, ran in the poring rain, and never complained…her teachers love her so much they were there in the stands, cheering her on.  I hope that she can stay in touch with those gifts when the hormones start to rage… I pray for it every day.

God Bless,




2 thoughts on “Claire

  1. I will never forget that little face and huge smile as she was peeking in my daughters window every night before bed. Our girls have been close since they were 4 and I hope to watch them grow together and have an amazing friendship. I am thankful for all the memories and strength your family has given to mine! Forever grateful Xo

    • You are truely a special person. You have taught me more about fighting for what’s right then anyone ever could, or will. Claire would still not be able to talk if she had not met your little one, she is a better person for having none the both of you…and I am too.
      Julia xo

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