I have been avoiding writing this blog entry.  I want to introduce everyone to our fourth child, Luke, but I have to be carefull about what I say and how I say it.  Luke is nineteen, and nineteen year old boys can be tempremental…at least this one is.  I would not be a teenager again even if I was offer a million dollars…it’s just too hard.  I believe that in a lot of ways, it’s harder for teenagers now than in the 70’s…yes I was a teenager in the LATE 70″s…really late!   He has many admiral qualities; he’s independent, motivated, imaginative, musical, and loving.  unfortunately these qualities seem to come and go along with the wind, and I replaced by SATIN!  I am aware that as he moves into his twenties he will settle down and not be led around by his hormones so much…until then…just pray for us. 🙂

God Bless


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