I have five children…two birth children, two step-children, and a grandson.  I’ll start by introducing you to my oldest birth child… Scott, (not his real name). Scott is my oldest child and is now twenty-two years old.  He is living on his own and is what I would call, a free spirit. His hair reaches down to his hips, and he dresses as though he was born in 1960 instead of 1990…oh, and he says, “my face is too beautiful for manual labour mom.”  Everything is, “cool dude,” …honestly how can I take him seriously. 

I taught my son to fight for what he believes in…unfortunately I did not make it clear that his beliefs should be the same as mine.  I’m kidding of course…we respectfully agree to disagree.  He believes in the legalisation of marijuana and works for a political party that has that as their main goal.  He has his photo taken smoking pot on the steps of the legislature…it was published on the front of the city newspaper…and he gave his real name!  This is why some species eat their young!

God Bless



2 thoughts on “Scott

  1. First, thanks for recently following my blog. Second – your son sounds a bit like who I would be if I didn’t have leftover Catholic guilt about doing anything bad and I wasn’t getting married to a police officer LOL. HUGS to you!

    • I tried to infuse him with Anglican guilt, (which is Catholic guilt’s cousin) but it didn’t stick, lol. Hope today goes well for you. Thanks for following 🙂

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