We all have issues in our lives that are harder to deal with than others…challenges that we have had to battle most of our lives.  I have almost always had an issue with my weight.  i have taken a large leap for me by posting a photo of myself…it fills me with anxiety.  My weight is my greatest personal challenge.

When I was a child I put on weight  at about the age of nine just like most pre pubescent girls do.  Back in the 70’s parents were not as aware of health and body issues as we are now…so basically I’ve been on a, “diet,” since the age of nine.  All the yoyo dieting played havoc with my system…it has led me to be overweight most of my life…I am sure I have lost and gained several people by now.

The health issues of the last few years have made it obvious that I have to change my attitude and approach to my body issues. Health and not , have to be the focus for me.  So I have tried to ditch the meat, I’m trying to add daily exercise…ok that one is not going well…and I am paying more attention to the symptoms of my autoimmune disease.  If internal peace is my destination, then a more balanced attitude toward all parts of my life is the road to get there.  Wow…two heavy posts in a row…I better lighten up

God Bless, Julia


3 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. The awareness of these things, listening to your body, is the first step. It’s very important to success in dealing with and healing autoimmune issues. Good for you! You can totally do it.

  2. Healing is accepting you as human flawed but perfect. We judge but we can let those judgments go. I am speaking of self judgment

    Many fouls live with childhood trauma subconsciously influencing our behavior.

    You are living and risking. Know that you do not need approval.

    We die whether others approve or disapprove of us.

    We die miserable is we disapprove of us though

    Welcome to my blog and happy healing

    I still use an avatar. So much for my bravery


  3. Hi, I think there are so many people who have a life of yoyoing weight- me too! You are right to do something about it and I’ll let you know if I ever find the secret of being motivated to exercise! Lovely smiley photo by the way, you look like you are about to laugh!

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