Hello, my name is Julia and I am a sweetaholic…there I said it…I feel better now.  I’m not trying to make light of those people who have drug and alcohol addictions…believe me I’ve lived with people who have had both, and I know that it is a serious and horrible situation for the addict and their loved ones.  However I do believe that I am addicted to sugar, and that it has a negative impact on my health.  Anyone who knows me in person, knows that I need to lose weight…a lot of weight.  More than that though I need to get healthy…and I think the first thing I should do is cut out the sugar.

It is not going to be easy, because frankly, sugar is not an ingredient for me…it’s a food group.  Every morning I have at least two cups of tea with my breakfast…that tea includes loads of sugar.  It is accompanied by toast with, jam of course…and none of that low sugar jam either.  As the day progresses everything that I eat seems to have sugar in it.  What I do have to decide, is whether it is better to go cold turkey, or gradually reduce it…am I going to be jonesin for a hit of the white stuff at two o’clock? Am I going to be saying to Bernice, “give me my sugar or the dachshund gets it.”  Well, let me know if anyone else has tried to eliminate something from their diet…that is, if you lived to tell the tale, or you don’t risk imprisonment for the stuff you did while detoxing 🙂

God Bless, Julia


4 thoughts on “Sweetaholic

  1. Good Luck on your goal to get healthy. Take it from this Southern girl, it is hard to break the sugar addiction. Take it slow. Eliminate sweet drinks and minimize desserts as a start. Going cold turkey, is too radical a change. It will tempt you to binge on sweets.

    Starting eating way more fruit. The sweetness of fruit is a great substitute.

  2. I lost 150 pounds about 25 years ago. You can do it! Try to limit sweet drinks and switch to fruit compote with no added sugar. There are so many sugar free options that taste good. Seriously, Type II diabetes is no joke. One step at a time…

  3. I love sugar, but I recently discovered its negative effects. I gave it up for a while and a ton of skin issues cleared up. Sneaked a little sugar back into the diet and the issues came back as well. I would have never connected them otherwise. It is hard to give it up, but it’s worth it. I’m getting back on the wagon. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. I am enjoying yours as well.

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