Inspirational Video 4

We have a history of crazy teenage girls in our family, with 3 attractive teenage boys, it was bound to happen.  They started calling the house when the boys were about twelve…it got worse from there. Teenage girls on my couch, crying about how much they loved our sons… and they don’t know why the boys run away when they see them in the hallways at school. After a while I would just tell them that they could do better than our sons…funny, sad, but possibly true. It took me two years, and a village of professionals to get rid of one of them. When someone mentions her name I break out in a cold sweat, and it’s been seven years! When I asked the boys why they seem to attract these crazy girls, they just said,”I can’t help it if I’m beautiful mom.”this is when I would bag my head against the nearest wall. I think they enjoyed the attention…there simply can not be that many certifiable girls out there. This video made me laugh…although it is not what I would normally call inspirational, I was able to look back at that time, and smile.

God Bless, Julia

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