Julia Christine Glass

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This page displays work that can be purchased from Julia Christine Glass.  Contact me through http://etsy.com/shop/juliachristineglass


84 thoughts on “Julia Christine Glass

  1. Thank you for stopping by … that video is sad reality about what is going on behind a pulpit – hate to hear how he feels about People of Colour

    • My best friend is a priest and he has gone out on a limb for me many times, they are not all bad…some are even good 🙂

  2. thank you so much for Liking my post, thought i’d stop over and check out your blog. Very Nice. What a great artist you are. I’m also an inspiring artist as well….
    I also enjoyed reading several of your posts.
    Good luck to you

  3. Hi! Thought I would stop by and check out your blog and shop. Nice glasswork! I’ve taken classes in fused glass so I know it’s not easy to create the piece you envision, LOL. What I got after firing was not always what I planned! I like your colorful work!

    • Thanks my work is not always rainbows, I’m just getting ready for my table at Pride this year…gays love their rainbows, lol. Thanks, and nothing turns out the way you envision them when they go in the kiln, 🙂

  4. Julia – I love your blog and am nominating you for the Reader Appreciation Award. Check it out along with the rules for how it works on my blog. Keep up the great work!

  5. You have a talent and lots of beautiful pieces to show for it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading Expressing Gratitude. I’ll have to check out more of the card making stuff too. I am on a personal campaign to bring back the handwritten note. LOL!

  6. Wow, your work is beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out.
    All the best to you

  7. How beautiful and inspiring your blog is. Well Done! Thank you so much for liking my blog judysp.wordpress.com I appreciate your support cheers Judy 🙂

  8. Julia, thanks so much for stopping by my Maddie Files blog and liking the post about my Darling Daughter. It’s great to get to know your work, too, through your blog. I remember the first time I saw glass being worked – it was at Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden – and was mesmerized! I love glass and I love miniatures and truly respect artists (I’m fairly sure DD will be one and hopefully successful like you!)! Thanks for sharing…I hope you will follow me, as I will most certainly follow you!

    • you and your daughter see as close as my daughter and I. We were alone together for 7 years before I remarried…so we are inseperable 🙂

  9. Aloha Julia, my favorite piece here is the rainbow heart key chain. The word ‘anuenue [“ah-new-ay-new-ay”] is the Hawaiian word for rainbow. Keep up the great work!

  10. Outstanding, what a nice creative, soothing experience this is to practice. Healing in a sense, a way of entering this space without worry or doubt.

    Talented also.


  11. Thank you for the like on my blog. When I came over to yours I was so pleasantly surprised with your beautiful work.

  12. thanks so much for liking and following my India Journal Blog. Hope you enjoy my upcoming adventures and perhaps enjoy exploring through past years as well. Love the stuff you have here as well. 🙂

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