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43 thoughts on “Recent Work

    • Thank you, that is very kind. I’m hoping to soon sell my work through Etsy…if I ever get the time to do it!

      • Indeed. It revolved around “I can’t even begin to imagine what it takes to create something like that…” and then just tapered off into happy appreciation of the gifts of each individual’s spirit!

      • Wow, now you hve me saying it, I humbly thank you for your praise 🙂

  1. Beautiful. I really like the eagle. Question, How about an African Elephant? I’m thinking of possibly something for later this year. Also can you work from someone else’s sketch or do you prefer to do the preliminary sketching yourself?

    • An elephant is a definite posiblity. I can work from someone else’s drawings but it may have to be modified to be done in glass…certain cuts are not possible and in order to make sure it does not fall apart, lead lines and reinforcement need to be considered.

      • Excellent. I have an idea, still thinking on it, Nothing complex just a general type of pose. Thanks, As I viewed your art it dawned on me that your style & medium might be the best way to go.:)

  2. I like a lot this kind of art, Your works are so, so beautiful, hope to see more works in the future!!! For bear & rings no words!

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